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Novax 20~20 Introduction


 Its potential is endless: In addition to innovative meter functions, exciting new possibilities emerge: data sharing and control functions between the Dispatch Office and the Fleet, including job dispatch and payment card processing. Separate dispatch terminals and payment systems could become a thing of the past.

 As with all computers, consumers continually get more power for the dollar. Technology advancements have enabled us to incorporate a full graphics display (miniature computer screen), numeric keypad and two serial communications ports, as well as a huge memory capacity and enhanced adaptability. Yet still remain price competitive with previous generation meters of yesterday’s technology.


 Novax 20~20 Features.

a)   A full alphanumeric display means; No more stick figure digits and cryptic text with confusing purpose.

b)   Clear unambiguous display screens for all modes

c)   Clear unambiguous alphanumeric labels for all multi-function push buttons.

d)   PIN protected running totals and management functions.

e)   Simple operation with new control and operating features designed to minimise errors and protect the passenger.

f)     Credit, Charge, and Subsidy cards can be handled directly providing all the information on screen. A built in Card-Reader Port makes a Swipe Reader a very cost-effective option; account numbers can also be entered by hand on the number pad.

g)   A plug-in Memory Card stores full detail of metered jobs. Payment Card transactions and (and optionally Cash transactions) are stored on this removable ‘IC-Card’, which the driver returns to the office at the completion of his shift. The card is then uploaded to the Office computer system. Perfect for off-line card payment systems, as well as driver management. A GPS fix can also be included in each record.

h)   R.F. Network interface. A fully configured interface compatible with Radio Networks, allowing electronic transfer of meter events, financial transactions and meter data. The meter can even double as a mobile data terminal, providing seven lines of text messaging for job dispatch and zone queries. The buttons and numeric keypad providing the necessary driver control for data queries and job bidding.

i)     Data logging: The most recent fifty jobs are stored within the meter's memory. The full detail of which can be recalled for display, printed or downloaded to a computer. Detail including: Meter ON/OFF- Time/Date/Km/GPS-fix, Tariff, Fare, Extras, Payment Record.

j)     'Working Hours Timers'; To assist drivers to monitor their own working hours, three new timers have been provided and will be displayed on the “For Hire” screen of the meter. The left-hand timer records hours and minutes worked since the driver last took a ten hour break. The right-hand timer records hours and minutes worked since the driver last took a thirty minute break. The timers will be automatically reset when the appropriate breaks have been taken, ie the meter switched to the “off” mode for the required period (30 minutes/ten hours). “Hours worked” timers accumulate whenever the meter is “For Hire” and “Hired”. The third timer logs the time since a 24 hour break was taken, and will only be displayed if this period exceeds 70 hours, in which case the timer will be displayed in place of the other two timers. (Timers are a configurable option).

k)   Automatic tariff selection controllable from an internal clock/calendar securing the use of penal rates.

l)     Electronic sealing providing indelible registration counters and date stamps for programmed data security.

m)  ‘Speed Dial Extras’; Up to nine different Extras can be pre-stored for different purposes, using the numeric keypad as a ‘speed-dial’ facility; saves endless stabbing of the extras button.

n)   Fare Schedule Forward Programming. For use where a fare-change is to take effect on a pre-determined date. The new rates can be programmed well prior to the required date and will remain “pending” until the appropriate date arrives.

o)   Electronic-payment-system compatible. Electronic messaging and command handling is in-built, providing compatibility with Cab-charge and other systems.

p)   Receipt and report printing is achieved using off-the-shelf serial printers or Novax printer/swipe reader.