Introducing Novax CabTab
The low-cost Fleet Management alternative.

Novax Taximeters can be networked!!
ie. Data can be transferred between the Taxi Office and the Fleet.

*Mobile Data Terminal* The new N_20-S has a "Graphics" Display. That allows dispatch      messages to be sent to the meter rather than to additional equipment in the cab.
*Transaction Details* For non-cash transactions, payment card detail/account detail/ Total Mobility details can transfer in real-time, for processing at the Taxi Office.
*Working Hours*  By switching the meter off, the Office System can detect when you are on a break.  This allows automation of those retched Log Books!
*Alarm Feature*  A simple hidden switch connected to the "Alarm" input on the meter is  all that's required, when the fleet is networked!

Internet connection to Taxi office

Emergency button

GPS location