Novax LEDA


Good looking and a Great body.

·         Ergonomic front-panel layout for intuitive operation.

·         Simple, one button sequence to start, stop and clear the fare.

·         High intensity LED displays behind a curved red lens, for optimum view ability.

·         Rugged buttons with a positive ‘click’ and

Illuminated text labels for displays, functions and buttons.



Simple Installation

Continuing the Novax ‘flat-pack’ concept ensures easy, neat installation with no cutting of the dashboard. The moulded, integral mounting plate means installation has never been easier. External relay boxes are also a thing of the past. Internal “Hi-side” power FET devices can switch 36 watt lamps, and are fully protected against overload.



Post-dated Fare Changes

Fare changes can be carried out before the changeover date, the new rates simply remain “pending” until the due date.

Long delays at fare-change time are problems of the past.

The proven ‘Novax Fare key’ ensures a quick cost-effective fare change.

All Practical Smart-Tariff Options

Automatic tariff-change on fare, distance, drop-count and time of day. It even tracks weekends and public holidays, applying appropriate penal rates.

Special rates and discounts can also be activated by external means such as the radio or cell phone network. And checkout the multiple extras function, nine different values!

Compatible with Receipt printers, Swipe card readers, Electronic payment terminals, Radio and Cell phone networks. In-built data log; recording every aspect of every trip, with various options for data exchange including Memory Card, Infrared link, Radio modem and Cell phone network.



6x digit Fare display

5x digit Extras display

6x Tariffs; manual and automatic selection.

4x Logic-level Input/outputs

4x 3-amp Roof light O/Ps.

2x Internal RS232 compatible port for printer, swipe reader, RF interface etc.

3x memory banks for running-totals.

Real-time clock provides automatic tariff change for day/night switching, holidays and weekends.

Fare changes by Novax fare key preprogrammable.

Multiple Extras, up to nine different values.

Flash programmable processor